We’ve built our reputation as the Baltimore area’s best roofing company by focusing on quality and approaching every home we work on as if it was our own, and we have been applying that same level of dedication to windows for over 20 years.  We install all types of windows including styles such as all wood, wood-clad, and fiberglass windows. In addition, we specialize in solid wood windows that meet the requirements of Baltimore’s Historic Neighborhoods, as well the Architectural Standards for local neighborhoods in Homeland, Guilford, Roland Park, and surrounding areas. 

Marvin Authorized Replacement ContractorOur window replacement process is simple. First, schedule one of our estimators to evaluate and measure the windows in your home, select one of our high quality replacement window options, and schedule your project. Our carpenters will perform a clean and professional window installation.

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Double Hung

Double hung windows feature two movable sashes that operate vertically and open independently for easy use and fresh air at multiple levels.


Casement windows feature sashes that are hinged on one side and swing inward or outward with a crank or push out operation. Casement windows are available in large sizes for ample daylight, fresh air and clean sightlines.


Sliding windows open horizontally with a clean, space-saving design. Also referred to as glider windows, these have one or more operating sashes combined with stationary sashes for an easy-to-use, versatile window.


Awning windows are hinged at the top of the frame and swing outward with a crank or push out operation. They’re ideal for bringing in the breeze even in wet weather.

Bow & Bay

Bay and bow windows extend outside a wall to open up a room, providing three-dimensional views and light while simultaneously providing a cozy interior nook. A bay window is comprised of three or more windows that form corner angles, and bow windows feature curves instead of corners and with four or more connected windows.


Specialty Shape windows utilize advanced engineering and the highest quality construction to achieve your vision with polygons, trapezoids and triangles – or work with us to create a window that is truly one-of-a-kind.

Glass Block

Glass block is a great way to bring natural light and a feeling of openness to rooms while maintaining privacy.