Here at Fick Bros., we realize the importance of regularly scheduled roof and exterior home maintenance. We also understand that today’s busy homeowner may not. Think about it…you take your vehicle in for oil changes every 3,000 miles. When was the last time you had your roof or home exterior serviced? During their lifetime, even the best roofs and home exteriors are subjected to a host of injustices.

Many customers have begun to realize the importance of having yearly roof and home exterior maintenance performed. can extend the life of your roof and homes exterior for many years and save you substantial sums of money in the process. By identifying and repairing minor roof problems before they become major ones—we can keep you out of the water!

Chimney Repair

A properly constructed and properly flashed chimney is essential to keeping your home watertight. Fick Bros. can inspect and evaluate your chimney and if it needs maintenance or repair, we have the experienced craftsmen to patch or rebuild your chimney. We also have the capability of designing a custom-fitted metal (copper or stainless steel) cover and flue caps to protect your chimney for many years.

Handyman Repairs

Fick Bros offers a variety of interior handyman services. All of our services are performed with our own in-house trained and experienced crews, guaranteeing you the same reliable craftsmanship and expertise you have come to expect from the Fick family over the past 96 years. Our interior handyman services include: drywall/plaster repairs, window and door repairs, molding installation, carpentry repairs and more.

Gutter Cleaning

Why should I have to clean my gutters? Many trees in the Baltimore area shed debris throughout the seasons. Over time, clogged gutters can do serious damage to a home. Repairs become expensive. Clean gutters are a huge factor in avoiding major and expensive home repairs. Gutters perform one job: controlling the water around your home. If debris keeps them from doing their job, then problems will follow.

Exterior Home Maintenance

Fick’s It…. before it needs fixing.   Our maintenance team keeps your property up to par, preventing potential leak disasters, and helps you plan and budget for future renovations or major repairs.  With over 850 registered customers already in our maintenance program and over a century of experience, we can confidently say you will be happy with the Fick’s It maintenance program.