New Roof Tomorrow, Completed in One Day!!!!!

New Roof Tomorrow, Completed in One Day!!!!!

Sounds awesome! I could have my old leaky roof removed and a new one put on the same day. Wow! That’s minimal disturbance to my house and my lifestyle. Why would I choose another company that may take days or weeks to replace my roof?

Well, let me answer that question.

You have a job, right? Doesn’t really matter what kind of job… attorney, nurse, accountant, mechanic. What do you think when someone says they can do your job cheaper or faster than you can? You probably think, well they are not doing the same amount of work, or they are not going to do as good of a job as I would do. Bingo! That’s because as long as you’ve done your homework, they can’t. Somehow they are cutting something out. They are removing an item from the equation.

Those same rules apply to roofing. Many roofing companies offer quick fast roof replacements. Guess what, they may be using cheap untrained labor, possibly illegal labor, or inferior materials, or not following manufacturer’s recommended guidelines, or skipping OSHA required safety procedures, or not buying insurance, or short changing their suppliers, and so on. If they are trying to complete your roof in the fastest possible time frame, ask yourself; how many items are they skipping, hiding, or simply overlooking in an attempt to finish your roof?

So, that’s why you should reconsider that “roof in a day” proposal. It’s important to understand that if you want a quality roof system, it takes skilled trained workers from a fully insured established roofing company that following safety guidelines, and takes the time to perform the work properly in accordance with the manufacturer requirements.

If I need surgery, I expect my doctor to follow the procedures, take his time, and get it right. I certainly don’t want to go under the knife twice. Don’t you want the same level of integrity from the guy who is going to rip off your roof?

PS – We don’t actually “rip off” your roof. We remove it with careful consideration of your windows, siding, and shrubbery.