Job of the Month – March 2020

Description of Work: Replaced upper rear and uppermost center flat roofs

with a fully adhered 60mil black EPDM roof system. Removed and reinstalled the existing aluminum coping on the upper rear roof parapet walls, and fabricated and installed new .032 white aluminum coping on uppermost center roof parapet walls. Replaced the roof top decks and framing on both roof areas, including a stairway between the two levels. Replaced deck railing pipes and powder coated all piping satin black prior to installing in the new railing system. Replaced the rear stucco wall on 3rd floor level with new stucco and finished to match the existing style and design. Replaced damaged lumber and sheathing as discovered throughout the course of the project, and replaced ceiling and wall batt insulation as necessary.

Estimator: Jamie Fick

Project Manager: Dan Beam

Crew: Willian Gomez Isales, Ralph Kuehne, Ryan Donet, Rakeem Spann, Thomas Brooks, James Preston, Alton Lott, Mike Carter, Rex Cox, Mike Kelly