Job of the Month – July 2018

Description of Work:  Reroofed entire main roof and addition with CertainTeed Colonial Slate colored Belmont shingles, white aluminum eave and rake flashings, 20oz copper ‘W’ style valleys, and 20oz copper base, apron and pan flashing at dormers, sidewalls and chimneys and 16oz copper counter flashings. Reroofed flat roof areas with 60mil black EPDM with white aluminum eave flashings and 16oz copper counter flashings. Reroofed side entrance and front porch roofs with a black Kynar coated .032 aluminum snap-lock 550 pan system with .032 black aluminum eave, rake, apron and counter flashings. Replaced all gutters and downspouts with a Nordic 6″ half round white steel gutter system and Nordic 4″ round white steel downspouts. Replaced slate siding on dormer sidewalls and wood siding on one main house wall with new Boral ship lap siding and painted to match existing paint color.

Estimator: Jamie Fick

Foreman:  Ken Stanley

Crew:    Bryan Zielinski, Vinnie Colon,  Ralph Kuehne, Dan Beam, Dan Puckett,  Willian Gomez Isales, Jaaron Ludwig,  Ryan Donet,  Mark Fick, Mike Kelly,  JP Preston, Alton Lott, Rakeem Spann,  Ray Dunivant,  Gary  Gamber,  Nick Nowak,  Jack Tyson, Eric Eicher