Job of the Month – December 2018

Description of Work:  Replaced entire left side Supra Slate main roof and dormer sidewalls with new 12″ x 20″ Vermont Black slate. Installed new .032 white aluminum eave flashing, 20oz copper base, cricket and ridge cap flashings, and 16oz copper counter flashings. Installed 2 rows of Sieger Model C galvanized snow guards. Replaced lower left side shingle roof with new CertainTeed XT25 Nickel Gray shingles and .032 white aluminum eave flashing. Replaced all left side gutters and downspouts with new 5″ white aluminum K style gutter and 2″ x 3″ corrugated downspout. Replaced damaged rake board, frieze board and soffit lumber, and primed and painted to match the existing. Replaced damaged sheathing in various areas, and replaced broken slates on the right side main roof.

Estimator: Walt Willson

Foreman:  Andy Corn

Crew:    Sam Scheletema, Galen Desch, Jaaron Ludwig, Ralph Kuehne, Ryan Donet, Willian Gomez-Isales, Mike Kelly, Mark Fick