Job of the Month – April 2019

Description of Work:  Replaced all sloped roofing with new Colonial Slate colored Landmark Pro shingles installed over ice and water shield at eaves, valleys and walls and 15lb felt underlayment over entire roof, including areas where ice and water shield was installed. Fabricated and installed new custom .032 white aluminum eave and rake flashings, 20oz copper valley, base, apron and vent pipe flashings and new custom 16oz copper counter flashings. Replaced flat roofing with a new fully adhered 60mil Black EPDM roof over 1/2″ HD ISO insulation and .032 white aluminum flashings. Replaced all gutter and downspouts with new 6″ K style white aluminum gutters and 3″x4″ white aluminum downspouts. Replaced (2) skylights with new Velux curb mounted glass skylights.

Project Manager:  Andy Corn

Estimator: Walt Willson

Crew:   Sam Scheltema, Galen Desch, Steve Bonovich, Vinnie Colon, Thomas Brooks, Mike Kelly