Job of the Month – November 2016

2016-12-01-dan-19Description of Work: Custom fabricated 20oz copper flashing and standing seam pans and installed on two newly constructed ornamental louvered barrel dormers in our sheet metal shop. Upon completion of new custom copper flashing and roofing, both dormers were taken to the job site. We then removed the existing slate at two locations on garage roof where the two new dormers were to be installed and saved for reuse. We installed new ice and water shield and 30lb felt underlayments, secured the two new dormers to the roof framing, reinstalled the previously saved slate around dormers and replaced additional broken and missing slates throughout the roof.

Estimator: Jim Ackerman

Project Manager: Bryan Zielinski

Crew: Ralph Kuehne, Mike Kelly, Rakeem Spann, Dan Puckett