Job of the Month – March 2018

Description of Work:  Replaced all sloped cedar shake roofing with new Autumn Blend colored Davinci synthetic shakes over ice and water shield at eaves, walls and chimneys and 2 layers of 30lb felt underlayment. Replaced all eave, rake and counter flashings with 16oz copper and all base, apron and cricket flashings with 20oz copper. Furnished and installed new 1/2″ CDX plywood sheathing over spaced sheathing on detached garage. Replaced approximately 60 linear feet of coping with new 20oz copper coping. Replaced one section of damaged downspout with new 16oz copper downspout.

Project Manager:  Andy Corn

Crew:   Ken Stanley, Gary Gamber, Eric Eicher, Dan Beam, Willian Isales, Ralph Kuehne, Galen Desch, Bryan Zielinski, Dan Puckett, Nick Santana, Sam Scheltema, Ryan Donet, Mike Kelly, Mark Fick

Estimator: Walt Willson