Job of the Month – June 2016

Stages Music2016-06-07 Dan (7)

Description of Work: Installed #1 Blue Label 24″ Cedar Shingles with a 7-1/2″ exposure on (2) newly constructed porch and entrance roofs and on the exterior stage structure with 20oz copper eave, valley, apron and counter flashing details, installed new 6″ half round copper gutters on #12 roof mounted copper shanks and circles and installed new 4″ round copper downspouts secured with custom copper bar hangers.

Project Manager: Ken Stanley

Crew: James Preston, Alton Lott, Vinnie Colon, Dan Beam, Michael Roberts, Willian Gomez-Isales, Eric Eicher, Michael Giordano, Ryan Donet, Galen Desch, Gary Gamber, Mike Kelly, Mark Fick

Estimator: Jamie Fick