January 2014 – Job of the Month

Description of Work:  Installed French drain, repointing masonry joints on front of house, spot pointing interior side of masonry wall at basement, repairing damaged section of front sidewalk with new concrete, re-parging basement steps and cheek walls, removing old privacy fence and installing a new dog eared, 1″x 6″ staggered pressure treated wood privacy fence around back yard and a new custom built pressure treated wood gate, laying new 6″x 9″ & 6″x 6″ Granite City Blend colored, antique style pavers in a bordered I pattern on a new 4″ thick, 3500 PSI concrete slab in back yard and for furnishing and installing a new Bilco basement entry door.2014.02.08 T. Rhoades 005 2014.02.08 T. Rhoades 009

Estimator: James Ackerman

Project Manager: Todd Rhoades

Crew: JP Preston, Alton Lott, Christopher Markow, Mark Fick, Mike Kelly