Employee of the Month – October 2012

Nominated by 5 different fellow employees…
1. Stevie Green For doing the job of two assistants.
2. For picking up some of the extra work load and keeping a good attitude about it.
3. I would like to nominate Stevie. She has really been keeping things together in the production & service departments since Sue’s departure. She has a lot on her plate and has been getting it done. Keep up the good work.
4. For being an awesome team member. She has helped train new employees and handled the bulk of the work in the production office while we search for another staff member. All with a great attitude.
5. Stevie already had a full load, and has been doing a great job, but with Suzanne gone Stevie has stepped up and taken on the additional maintenance duties which had fallen behind, and she got them caught up. And she has maintained the production department duties as well. A STELLAR JOB!!!