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SUSTAINABILITY That’s a buzz word that has taken hold in the mainstream. You cannot go too far without hearing a company or government agency touting that they are sustainable. It seems like a complex concept that requires a high level of engineering. It’s popular, it’s trendy, it sounds good, but what does it really mean? Read More

How to make a Successful Construction Investment

What Major Risks Do Homeowners Face When Making a Home Remodeling Decision? According to the Certified Contractors Network (CCN), “homeowners have a lot of fear when they are faced with making a home improvement decision. They worry about whether or not they are making the right choice when it comes to contractors. Will they be Read More

Common Reroofing Questions Answered:

For Maryland property owners, there are many reroofing options that are viable solutions, but by far the most common roof type is asphalt shingles. Below are some common questions that are important part of the reroofing process, and should not be ignored. For one reason, it’s required by law. And, secondly, it’s just good roofing Read More

Job of the Month – July 2016

Description of Work: Replace existing slate roof with new Random x 20″ Vermont Mottled Grey/Black slates, installed all new copper flashings, new copper hip & ridge caps and installed a new standing seam copper roof on the cupola over the garage.   Estimator: Todd Mullenax Project Manager: Ken Stanley Crew: Bryan Zielinski, Dan Beam, Ralph Read More

Good, Fast, & Cheap

You’ve heard that phrase before, right? How about this version; Good, Fast, & Cheap… Pick any two. In other words, it’s hard to get all three of those items from the same service company. In fact, when it comes to roofing and exterior work, it may be impossible. That’s right. If a contractor tells you Read More

How thick is roofing slate?

It is important when purchasing a new slate roof or slate roofing repairs that the contractor is specific as to the type and thickness of the slate proposed…. Standard Thickness: Defined as 1/4″ slate of nominal thickness, +/- 1/16″. Shingles are hand-picked to be of uniform thickness with no more than 1/8″ variation in surface Read More

What to do if you hava a dispute with a contractor?

Construction work is not an exact science. The contractor, and the project are exposed to numerous uncontrollable conditions, such as, unforeseen weather delays, material delays, working projects expanding in scope and impacting the schedules of pending projects, manpower problems, etc. Any one of these conditions or a combination of them can trigger a dispute. What Read More

Getting a contractor to bid your work

Selecting a Contractor Some Owners are confused when contractors are not over-eager to bid the work. If contractors believe you are not ready to buy the work, or you are just a price shopper, they may feel that you are not worth their time. Here is how you can get them to bid. Tell the Read More

Understanding the contractor

Selecting a Contractor Just as you are qualifying a contractor, the contractor is qualifying you. If you seem unreasonable, he may not bid. For example, if you do not allow the contractor ample time to explain the project, so that he is confident you understand everything about it, the professional will often not bid. Professional Read More