Selecting a Contractor: Does the company carry insurance and is the coverage adequate?

This is the second most important question. Owners have been financially harmed by uninsured or inadequately insurance contractors. A contractor should ALWAYS provide you with a Certificate of Insurance for Comprehensive Liability, Worker’s Compensation, and Completed Operations Insurance that protects you in the event of an accident or provides financial coverage for a failed project. Read More

Hiring a Contractor

Most home owners purchase  home improvement projects infrequently. They are uncertain about how to select a competent professional contractor.                        Adding to the confusion are the scores of unprofessional contractors who believe that the only way to  obtain work is by being the low price. Such contractors are more concerned with obtaining work than with solving Read More

New Roof Tomorrow, Completed in One Day!!!!!

New Roof Tomorrow, Completed in One Day!!!!! Sounds awesome! I could have my old leaky roof removed and a new one put on the same day. Wow! That’s minimal disturbance to my house and my lifestyle. Why would I choose another company that may take days or weeks to replace my roof? Well, let me Read More

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