What to do if you hava a dispute with a contractor?

Construction work is not an exact science. The contractor, and the project are exposed to numerous uncontrollable conditions, such as, unforeseen weather delays, material delays, working projects expanding in scope and impacting the schedules of pending projects, manpower problems, etc. Any one of these conditions or a combination of them can trigger a dispute. What Read More

Getting a contractor to bid your work

Selecting a Contractor Some Owners are confused when contractors are not over-eager to bid the work. If contractors believe you are not ready to buy the work, or you are just a price shopper, they may feel that you are not worth their time. Here is how you can get them to bid. Tell the Read More

Understanding the contractor

Selecting a Contractor Just as you are qualifying a contractor, the contractor is qualifying you. If you seem unreasonable, he may not bid. For example, if you do not allow the contractor ample time to explain the project, so that he is confident you understand everything about it, the professional will often not bid. Professional Read More

Selecting a Contractor: Specific questions for specific projects.

Product Selection – Make sure the proposal includes a specific reference to the product and color you have chosen. Your proposal will be your proof of purchase in later years. Manufacturer Warranty Specifications – If the project is to be warranted by a manufacturer, confirm that the agreement states that the work will conform to Read More

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