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Job of the Month – December 2018

Description of Work:  Replaced entire left side Supra Slate main roof and dormer sidewalls with new 12″ x 20″ Vermont Black slate. Installed new .032 white aluminum eave flashing, 20oz copper base, cricket and ridge cap flashings, and 16oz copper counter flashings. Installed 2 rows of Sieger Model C galvanized snow guards. Replaced lower left Read More

Why Do Gutters Fall Down In Snow Storms?

…and how can you prevent it from happening again! The biggest contributor to gutter damage during winter snow storms is avalanching snow.  Even the best gutter system will not be able to withstand the tremendous force created by avalanching snow.  So the trick is to prevent the avalanche! Most people think the ice dams are Read More

What Are Ice Dams?

In our last article we discussed how an insufficient or worn out snow retention system (snow guards) can prevent snow from avalanching down your roof creating havoc to your roof and gutters. This article will discuss ice dams and ventilation.  What Are Ice Dams? The number two contributor to gutter damage is ice dams.  Anyone Read More

How to Prevent Ice Dams and Icicles

What Are Ice Dams? Ice dams are formed when heat from the inside of a home escapes into the attic and warms the roof decking during the winter. This heat, combined with heat from the sun, can melt snow on the roof. Melting snow on the upper roof and in the valleys then runs down Read More

Job of the Month – November 2018

Description of Work:  Rebuilt top 12 courses of chimney, installed a new masonry wash, repointed all remaining mortar joints down to the roof line, and spot pointed approximately 100LF of mortar joints and replaced 8 bricks between lower roof and upper roofline. Fabricated and installed a custom 20oz copper chimney cap with a screened hood. Read More

Job of the Month – October 2018

Description of Work:  Tore down and rebuilt one chimney to match existing size and design, and installed a new masonry wash. Fabricated and installed a custom 20oz copper chimney cap with a screened hood. Replaced broken and missing slates in various areas on main roof. Estimator: Andy Corn Foreman:  JP Preston Crew:    Ray Dunivant, Alton Read More

Job of the Month – September 2018

Job of the Month – September 2018 Description of Work:  Replaced lower rear built-up flat roof with a new fully adhered 60mil black EPDM roof system over 1/2 HD ISO insulation, .032 white aluminum eave & rake flashings and new .032 white aluminum fascia wrap.  Replaced gutter with new 5″ white aluminum gutter and 2″x3″ Read More